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Execution of batch jobs and other programs from Navision

There are at least 2 ways of execution of external batch jobs and programs.
One way is to use the SHELL command another way is to use WshShell.

Lets start with looking at SHELL.
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Sendkeys in Visual Basic Scripts

Sendkeys can also be used from a Visual Basic Scripts, which means you can ex. build a vbs file, that can be used for starting up applications, or executing steps that you often have to do.

This is an example on starting the Notepad and afterwards, as the first thing to do writing the word Hallo: Read more »

Sendkeys in Navision


With SendKeys you simulate user keystrokes – which mean it is possible to start applications, enter information, choose menus, buttons etc.

SendKeys is a part of Windows Script Host.

Currently I am using this functionality to take over a second Navision Client, to start an export of objects without any user interventions.

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