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Using a Synology NAS as VPN Server


Did you know that it is possible to use a Synology NAS as VPN Server?

You can install the VPN Server from the Package Center.

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Can Synology DS207+ be used as a Kissdx server?

At first I thought that I have bought a too new model, because I couldn’t find a bootstrap that fits the DS207+ (only one for the DS107). But finally I found a bootstrap that works – so YES it is possible to use the Synology DS207+ as a Kissdx server :-)
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Synology DS207+

Yeah!!! I finally got my new NAS server.

A NAS server is a Network Attached Storage, which can be used as a central fileserver. In this case I bought a Synology DS207+ because of all its extra features.

The Synology DS207+ is not only a kind of file server – it is also a FTP, Audio, Media server, Photo, MySQL and Web Server etc…. Al this is possible because it runs Linux, whereby the possibilities for third part patches occurs.

A complete description of the Synology DS 207+ can be found here.