Using a Synology NAS as VPN Server

Did you know that it is possible to use a Synology NAS as VPN Server? You can install the VPN Server from the Package Center.


Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013

This year Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 is taking place in New Orleans. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Convergence – but I’m still able to following it


Locking and Unlocking Objects

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 the possibility for locking and unlocking objects was introduced and does also exist in NAV 2013. Locking and unlocking objects is very useful in environments where multiple developers are working together in the same […]


Getting the AC Ryan to index a NAS share


If your media files (movies, music and photos) is located on a NAS server the AC Ryan does not index the files. You are only able to reach them with the file manager.

So how do you get the AC Ryan to index them? Well you get it to believe that the files are stored on a local harddisk.

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Install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 locally

Have you ever seen this message?

This product can only be installed if Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 has been installed first

When Yes – then you are properly trying to install the visual studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 Tools (aka VSeWSS) locally.

So what can we do to get it installed?

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A Tip from the old box – installing a localized Navision version on an English SBS Server

Recently I have been implemented a Danish version of Dynamics Navision 2009 SP1 on an English SBS server and there I meet an old “friend”.

The old “friend” was a problem with the Danish letter Ø. The letter was displayed as Ȼ which is not the right sign (actually the data was also corrupt :-( ). At first side everything looked fine in the regional settings and the language was set to Danish – but then I looked on the Advance page and voilá there we had the answer. Code Page 850 was not selected.

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Fun Stuff – Dynamics Xmas Greeting

Dynamics Xmas Greetings


I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays I have been playing around with Dynamics Navision.
The result was a Dynamics Xmas Greeting :-)

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Understanding the Difference between the 4 Microsoft Dynamics ERPs (NAV, GP, SL and AX)

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing – Understanding the Difference Between GP

I was invited by Houston Neal, Manufacturing Software Advice, to comment on his post regarding the difference between NAV, GP, SL and AX.

It was quite an interesting reading and I must say that Houston did a splendid job in describing the different Microsoft ERP packages.

If you are about to choose one of the ERPs from Microsoft and are in doubt about what to choose; then take a look at his article. It gives you an overview of each of the ERPs packages broken down into Modules and which makes it easy for you to compare them.

You can read his complete post here.

Shortcuts – where are they stored and how to copy them

Shortcuts was first introduced in NAV 4.0 – and did made the world of Navision a bit easier :-)


If you have customers or work in a company with a lot of users, you might wish to set up a template user. Read more »