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Using a Synology NAS as VPN Server


Did you know that it is possible to use a Synology NAS as VPN Server?

You can install the VPN Server from the Package Center.

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Getting the AC Ryan to index a NAS share


If your media files (movies, music and photos) is located on a NAS server the AC Ryan does not index the files. You are only able to reach them with the file manager.

So how do you get the AC Ryan to index them? Well you get it to believe that the files are stored on a local harddisk.

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Kiss DP-558 Dead or alive?

Recently one of my colleagues experiences some problem with his Kiss player. It was and still is not possible to turn it on and in the display it only writes “KISS DVD”.

I had a similar problem for about a year ago – and I found a solution. The Kiss player is not dead :-) it is “only” the Power Supply (PSU) that is “broken”.
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Can Synology DS207+ be used as a Kissdx server?

At first I thought that I have bought a too new model, because I couldn’t find a bootstrap that fits the DS207+ (only one for the DS107). But finally I found a bootstrap that works – so YES it is possible to use the Synology DS207+ as a Kissdx server :-)
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Synology DS207+

Yeah!!! I finally got my new NAS server.

A NAS server is a Network Attached Storage, which can be used as a central fileserver. In this case I bought a Synology DS207+ because of all its extra features.

The Synology DS207+ is not only a kind of file server – it is also a FTP, Audio, Media server, Photo, MySQL and Web Server etc…. Al this is possible because it runs Linux, whereby the possibilities for third part patches occurs.

A complete description of the Synology DS 207+ can be found here.