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Splitting files using Visual Basic Scripts

Do you occasionally need to split a file based on its content?

If yes – then this can be done quickly by using a Visual Basic Script and “Scripting.FileSystemObject”.

Lets take a closer look.
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Sendkeys in Visual Basic Scripts

Sendkeys can also be used from a Visual Basic Scripts, which means you can ex. build a vbs file, that can be used for starting up applications, or executing steps that you often have to do.

This is an example on starting the Notepad and afterwards, as the first thing to do writing the word Hallo: Read more »

Zip files in a script

If you have an application running, which creates a lot of log files – it would be neat to have simple functionality to zip those files. This is possible, just using dos scripts and the AT functionality.

First the script – it could look something like this:

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