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Execution of batch jobs and other programs from Navision

There are at least 2 ways of execution of external batch jobs and programs.
One way is to use the SHELL command another way is to use WshShell.

Lets start with looking at SHELL.
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XML – SetAttribute can cause Navision to crash

There is an error in the XML DOM automation which can cause Navision to crash. This looks like a kind of memory leak and will therefore often occur in automated/scheduled jobs.

The error occurs when using setAttribute directly on the XML Dom Element. To prevent a crash, use a function to set the Attribute.
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How to listen for a Port in Navision


Have you ever needed to make Web requests to Navision? Often you then would be using either NAS or a 3’rd part product to handle these requests. Why not build your own handler ;-)

All you have to do is take advantage of the automations “Navision Communication Component version 2″ and “‘Navision Socket Bus Adapter”.
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Is an application already running?

Sometimes you need to start applications from Navision. If an application already is running – you can use sendkeys as described previous to activate it, and thereby you don’t want to start it again. Read more »

MD5 encryption in Navision

Message-Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) encryption is a widely used cryptographic hash function. It is often used to encrypt passwords.

Notice – this is a one way only encryption method.
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Timer & Codeunits

Most of you properly already know the Timer functionality that exists on Navision Forms. Have you ever thought of using it on Codeunits? Some will say that this is not possible, because the Timer property does not exists. Well – it is possible to use timers on Codeunits thanks to Automations and their WithEvent property.
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