Using a Synology NAS as VPN Server

Did you know that it is possible to use a Synology NAS as VPN Server? You can install the VPN Server from the Package Center.


Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013

This year Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 is taking place in New Orleans. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Convergence – but I’m still able to following it


Locking and Unlocking Objects

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 the possibility for locking and unlocking objects was introduced and does also exist in NAV 2013. Locking and unlocking objects is very useful in environments where multiple developers are working together in the same […]


Expanding the FTP automation

In the previous post I have started the development of FTP automation. The first post did only include some basic functions such as download, upload and list. Now it’s time for some more functionality.

So now let us add the possibility to delete and rename files.

Deleting a file from the FTP server is actually pretty simple. All you have to know is the filename and where it is place. Once you have this information you can use the WebRequestMethods to delete the file.
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Writing a FTP automation

Over some time I have been using a plain dos ftp from Navision. There is some advantages and some disadvantage combined with it.

A advantage is, that this use does not require any third part products; but a disadvantage is that you does not have the fully control over the file transfer, so you have to build your own kind of file log and parsing it to know if everything went well.

Therefor I decided to build my own automation for Navision in c#.

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Navision Net Type – Netbeui or Tcp?

A funny thing happened to me some weeks ago – there I discovered that some times it is better to use Netbeui than TCP as Net type when using Navision.
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Playfair Cipher in Navision

As earlier mentioned I have being reading some books about Cryptology – and now its Playfairs turn to be tested in Navision :-)

Playfair Cipher (aka. Playfair square) is a symmetric encryption technique and was the first literal digraph substitution cipher. It was invented by Charles Wheatstone and popularized by Lyon Playfair.

The technique encrypts pairs of letters instead of single letters, which means it is a type of digraph cipher.
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Prevent Copy in Navision


Did you know that it is possible to prevent copy in Navision :-)

Some times, you want to be sure that the users do not use the Copy functionality in Navision. So how do you do that?

I guess all of you know, that you can overrule the CTRL+C & CTRL+V by defining hidden buttons/menu items with CTRL+C/V as a Short Cut. But what about the use of the top menu Edit -> Copy?

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Internal Error 1247 in module 19

I did meet this error for the first time several years ago. Today some of my colleagues saw the message for the first time and did not know what to do about it.

Internal Error 1247 in module 19 is equal to #Err_DB_NewWTAMissing DB_Err(1247), where WTA is short for Write TransAction. Read more »