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Building a RSS reader in ASP.Net


RSS Feeds are just XMLs – so building a RSS reader is not so difficult, first you know how to do it ;-)

Let’s start with looking at C# function that reads the RSS Feeds.

First step is to collect the feeds. This is done by using WebRequest:

System.Net.WebRequest myRequest = System.Net.WebRequest.Create(rssURL);
System.Net.WebResponse myResponse = myRequest.GetResponse();
System.IO.Stream rssStream = myResponse.GetResponseStream();
System.Xml.XmlDocument rssDoc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
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NAV 2009 SP1 – Testing Codeunits – Part 2

In the earlier article, we where using the ConfirmHandler – but confirm is not everything a function can contain. So why not add the handling of Message Boxes ;-)

First, let us a add simple test message function to the previous created “doTest” codeunit. The function could look this:

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PROCEDURE TestMessage@1112800001(useWrong@1112800000 : Boolean) : Boolean;
  IF useWrong THEN
    MESSAGE('Wrong Message')
    MESSAGE('Test Ok');

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NAV 2009 SP1 – Testing Codeunits

One of the new features in NAV 2009 SP1 is C/AL Testability.

Let try using the new feature to test a simple codeunit – let us call the codeunit doTest. The codeunit will only contain a simple function, that includes a confirm and will look like this:

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PROCEDURE TestConfirm@1112800000(useConfirm@1112800000 : Boolean) out : Boolean;
    IF useConfirm THEN
        IF CONFIRM('Do you confirm?',TRUE) THEN
          ERROR('No confirmation!');

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Yes is not an option



During my tests with NAV 2009 SP1 I ran into an old well known error / problem.
So why not write a post on it ;-)

When starting a Navision Client (in this case a Classic Client) you may get the error “Yes is not an option” or a localize version “Ja is not an option”.

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Error List in NAV 2009 SP1

Have you seen the new Error List in NAV 2009 SP1?

When you know compile objects – errors are shown in an Error List Window.

NAV2009SP1 - Error List
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NAV2009: The Sales Header does not exist

I have lately received this error “The Sales Header does not exist” a couple of times in Navision 2009.

First I thought this was caused by a filter not being reset on the form – but I got wiser.
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