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XML syntax

XML documents must contain a root element. All other elements must be nested within the root element.

All elements can have sub (children) elements. Elements with sub elements are also called Nodes.

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What is XML?

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language
XML is a markup language like HTML
XML provides a uniform method for describing and exchanging structured data
Describes structure and semantics, not formatting
XML focuses on providing information about the data itself and how it relates to other data

MSMQ and Navision

From Navision it is possible to read and write to a MSMQ using the automation Microsoft Message Queue 3.0 Object Library. This is however not my preferred way, because you have to handle Messages IDs by yourself. Which means, if you don’t have to answer back with the same message id, this is an ok way to handle the queues, else you have to program your own ID handling or use a 3’d part application for this purpose.
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Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

Microsoft Message Queuing (aka MSMQ) is a kind of messaging protocol, where applications can communicate asynchronous with each other. This can be done in a local Network, but also over the Internet.
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Zip files in a script

If you have an application running, which creates a lot of log files – it would be neat to have simple functionality to zip those files. This is possible, just using dos scripts and the AT functionality.

First the script – it could look something like this:

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If you have to optimize a lot of tables and indexes. You could create a SQL script, which then could be scheduled.

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