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Windows Runtime Debugger

If you have installed Visual Studio you will notice the Windows Runtime Debugger has been replaced with the “Just-In-Time Debugger”. Sometimes this is Ok, but if you are running jobs that need to be running silence, then this is not always a good thing.

So what to do? Just change the Windows Runtime Debugger back to Dr Watson. You can do this by using the command drwtsn32 -i. Just run it in a command prompt and the Windows Runtime Debugger is back to Dr. Watson.

Starting Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC from another application

With Dynamics NAV 2009 you have now 2 possible clients. You can use the Classic client, as you know from ealier version and the new Role Tailored Client.

The Classic client can be started from another application as described in an ealier article: Starting Navision from another application.

The Role Tailored Client can use the new “protocol” DynamicsNAV for starting / calling the client.
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Using BigText in a Report

As you properly know BigText can be used to handle large texts.
BigText is stored in records as Blob fields, so what to do if you like to use the BigText in a Report?

First you have to get the text from the Blob field. This is done by using streams. Read more »

Let’s Quiz!

Just found a new plug-in for WordPress – Quizzin. It lets you add quizzes to your blogs. So why not test it!

Just for fun, have I made a little quiz containing 12 questions.
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What’s new in Dynamics NAV 2009?

One of the major changes is that now Dynamics NAV 2009 is a three-tier solution.

It comes with 2 clients – Dynamics NAV Classic, which is equal to the “old” clients, and the new Role Tailored client.

As a developer, you will mainly be using the Classic client, because all changes have to be done in the classic client.

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