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Splitting files using Visual Basic Scripts

Do you occasionally need to split a file based on its content?

If yes – then this can be done quickly by using a Visual Basic Script and “Scripting.FileSystemObject”.

Lets take a closer look.
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Sorting of a Code field in SQL vs. Native

Did you know that a Code field is sorted different depending of you are using Native or SQL?

SQL will sort the Code field as a Varchar – which means it will sort the Code field as text!

In the following sorting example you can see the sorting Native vs. SQL
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Using SQL Views in Navision


Did you know that it is possible to use views in Navision?

If you often are collecting/viewing data from several tables it can be usefull to use a SQL View. Created SQL Views can then afterwards be used from Navision.

First you have to create the SQL View. This is can be done in 2 ways on the SQL Server.

One way is to use the Microsoft SQL Server Management. Here you right click on View select New where you afterwards can select tables, joins, fields etc.

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Importing Image from a non Navision table to a Navision blob field


In SQL it is possible to define tables with a column, which is of type image. This field type is not known by Navision or by ADO and can thereby not be extracted like other fields.

There exists 2 ways to get this fields value.

1) One way is to stream the image to a file and then afterwards import it into the blob.

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HTML Scraping from Navision

Some times you are in the need of showing a web page an afterwards using the results or data from the web page in Navision.

This can be done by using HTML Scraping. HTML Scraping is a technique which allows you to extract data from a web page.
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