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Execution of batch jobs and other programs from Navision

There are at least 2 ways of execution of external batch jobs and programs.
One way is to use the SHELL command another way is to use WshShell.

Lets start with looking at SHELL.
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XML – SetAttribute can cause Navision to crash

There is an error in the XML DOM automation which can cause Navision to crash. This looks like a kind of memory leak and will therefore often occur in automated/scheduled jobs.

The error occurs when using setAttribute directly on the XML Dom Element. To prevent a crash, use a function to set the Attribute.
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Kiss DP-558 Dead or alive?

Recently one of my colleagues experiences some problem with his Kiss player. It was and still is not possible to turn it on and in the display it only writes “KISS DVD”.

I had a similar problem for about a year ago – and I found a solution. The Kiss player is not dead :-) it is “only” the Power Supply (PSU) that is “broken”.
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What happend to Vista’s defrag?

Like or not – but so far as I can see, Microsoft has downgraded the defragmentation functionality in Vista.

First, the user interface has changed. There is no progress bar, no elapsed time and no remaining time shown. Also what happened to the information about fragmentations (how fragmentated is my disc, files). Read more »

Are you also annoyed by Windows Vista’s User Account Control?

Are you also annoyed by Windows Vista’s User Account Control?
If Yes – there is a way to turn it of :-)

Before you turn off User Account Control, then be aware off why you are doing this. User Account Control is build in by Microsoft to improve Vista’s security. So if you only are annoyed because of the popup messages – then consider to use TweakUAC to set UAC in quit mode instead of turning it off.
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Enabling keys on the fly in Navision

In the earlier version of Navision it was not possible to enable keys on the fly. All you could do was either having fixed keys, using key groups or doing a “hack” with performing a SQL request.

Fixed keys are ok – but in large tables, it is not always a good idea to a lot of keys. Therefore often you will see that they have a minimized set of keys. A lot will properly be deactivated.
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