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Problems receiving offline messages?

I recently experienced, that it was impossible for me to receive any offline messages in WLM.

This can be fixed :-)
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XP with 4 GB RAM

Many people will tell you that it is not possible to run at 32 bit version of XP with more than 3 GB Ram. They say that XP would not recognize the Ram above the 3 GB – actually for most of you XP will show the 3 GB as 2,5.

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Starting Navision from another application

From Navision 3.xx it is possible to use a kind of protocol for starting / calling a Navision Client.

The syntax for starting a Navision Client is:


A call like this, in a browser, would start or activate a Navision Client. This call thou would prompt the user for login, password etc. So to simplify the user interaction, it is also possible to pass on some parameters.
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