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For test purpose I did a little test in C#, where I did use ADO.NET to make a connection to my SQL Server.

The common way to access a database is to do the following:

  1. Open a connection to the Database
  2. Perform the Query using a recordset for the returned data
  3. Extract Data needed and close the recordset
  4. Close the connection

Lets take a close look on how to do it in C# ADO.NET

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What is ADO and can it be used in Navision?

ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is a Microsoft technology and is a interface to access data in a database.

So what can ADO be used for in Navision?

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Can Synology DS207+ be used as a Kissdx server?

At first I thought that I have bought a too new model, because I couldn’t find a bootstrap that fits the DS207+ (only one for the DS107). But finally I found a bootstrap that works – so YES it is possible to use the Synology DS207+ as a Kissdx server :-)
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