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View your IP address

A quick way to view your IP address is by using the command IPCONFIG.

Just start a command prompt:

Start -> Run -> Cmd

and then type:

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Usefull XP shortcuts

Here are some usefull XP shortcuts:

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Shutdown XP Faster

When XP is shutting down it checks that all applications and services are shut down. Sometimes, some of the services are not shutting down, thus XP gives them time to shut down on its own. The amount of time XP waits for the service to shut down is stored in the system registry. By changing this setting XP will shutdown faster.

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Problems when loading XML

A load will not work if the document contains a DTD / Schema definition where the validation file cannot be found!

Ex. a XML containing the following will not be able to be loaded because the DTD does not use a URI path.
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XML in Navision

In Navision there are 2 ways to handle XMLs. In all versions it is possible to use the automation Microsoft XML and from Navision 4 it is possible to use XML ports.

XML ports are thought not my preferred object, because they are limited. They work in the same way as a dataport. Therefore in the following we will concentrate us on the use of the automation Microsoft XML.

Before we are able to load/read an XML document, we must define a variable, which will provide us with a container for the document.
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XML Schemas & DTDs

XML are validated with a DTD or with an XML Schema.

Document Type Definition (DTD) defines the legal elements of an XML Document.

<!DOCTYPE note SYSTEM “external.dtd”>

XML Schema is an XML-based alternativ to DTD.
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